Ulli a’mallak ayh albi composed by Muhammed Abd el-Wahab (1907-1991).
Maqam Huzam featuring Husain Resan.

Husain Resan – Born in Iraq, Husain Resan is a composer, musician and a singer. He studied ‘oud at age 14 in Bayt al-Fann in Baghdad and joined its music ensemble at age 16. In the US, he studied violin at City College. Husain plays ‘oud, violin, and bass, he sings and is presenting his first composition tonight “Wajhun min al-Madi”.

Ulli A’mallak Ayh albi
(Tell me what my heart did to you)

Tell me what my heart did to you.
My heart that you are ignoring.
Tell me who I should bring to read my thoughts to you,
and who would listen to my words,my passion, and my love.
Where were you hiding all this indifference?
Could you tell me what’s wrong between us?

From the Aswat Ensemble 2009 Winter Concert.