ASWAT 2009 Winter Concert Performance

Risalah min taht il-maa featuring Marwan Mero

Marwan Mero

Marwan Mero

Risalah min taht il-maa’ composed by Mohammad al Mawgi (1923-1995) for Abdel Halim Hafez (1929-1977). Maqam ‘ajam solo, featuring Marwan Mero.

Marwan Mero is from Saudi Arabia . He graduated recently from San Francisco State University in Business Administration.

From the Aswat Ensemble 2009 Winter Concert.

Siret el-Hob featuring Gunsu Temirer


Gunsu Temirer

Siret el-Hob composed by Baligh Hamdi (1934-1993) for Um Kulthum (1902-1975), Maqam Rahat Al-Arwah, featuring Gunsu Temirer. Taqsim on Nay by Hector Bezanis.

Gunsu Temirer is from Turkey . She identifies as a domestic engineer while preparing for her CPA future career. She has been in awe of Arabic music and dance since her early teens.

From the Aswat Ensemble 2009 Winter Concert.


Ya Ghusnu Naqa

Ya Ghusnu Naqa a muwashshah on ¾ beat. Maqam Huzam.
Taqsim on ‘oud by Ala Kallel.

Ya Ghusna Naqa
(Oh Pure Branch)

O my beloved,
O you, crowned with gold and pure beauty
like the branch of a tree.
I would give my life to save you from harm,
I swear to you by my mother and father.
You are always in my dreams.
Have pity on me,
you whose love could be the remedy for my heart.

From the Aswat Ensemble 2009 Winter Concert.


Palestinian Medley

Palestinian Medley: Dal’ona, Ya Zarifa at-Tul and Jafra, featuring two debke dancers, Rana Mroue from Aswat and Muhammad Al-Shurafah from Al-Juthoor Dance Company.

From the Aswat Ensemble 2009 Winter Concert


Interview with Ala Kallel

Interview with Ala Kallel, Oud player in Aswat Ensemble.


Interview with Sari Dowidar

Sari Dowidar

Sari Dowidar

Sari Dowidar’s musical style is an apt reflection of the latest trends in Arab music in the 21st century – the product of cross-fertilization between Middle Eastern and Western sensibilities. Mr. Dowidar’s brilliance is evident in his ability to maintain the integrity of traditional Arab music while incorporating non-traditional elements such as Western harmony and instruments. The result is a breathtaking musical landscape of depth, layer, and texture that is at once new and familiar.

Mr. Dowidar is trained in classical Arab music at the Academy of Music in Cairo. He has conducted various university choirs, including that of the American University in Cairo. He is a notable composer for such prominent Egyptian opera house singers as Ahmad Ibrahim, Azza Balba, and Reham Abdal-Hakim. Last July, Mr. Dowidar conducted the Arab Music Ensemble at the Opera House in Cairo. Prior to his stint with Aswat, he was conductor of the Popular Folkloric Arts Troupe for the Cairo “Ballone” Theater.