ASWAT 2009 Winter Concert Performance

Ya Asmar il- lon

Ya Asmar il- lon arranged by Sari Dowidar. Maqams Naha- wand dokah, Rast dokah.

Asmar Al loon
(The Brown colored beloved

O you tan skinned lover,
O my sweet brown one.
O my darling Leila,
I’m tired of being tossed around.
My eyes are full of tears and sadness,
and I’m afraid to talk about my longing for you,
for someone may prevent us from being together

From the Aswat Ensemble 2009 Winter Concert.

Rubbama / Unadikum featuring Yasmeen Daifallah

Rubbama Lyrics by the Palestinian poet Samih al-Qasem, composed by Ziad Butros for his sister, the singer Julia Butros. Unadikum Lyrics by Palestinian poet Tawfiq Zayyad, composed by Ahmed Kaabour, featuring Yasmeen Daifallah.
Yasmeen Daifallah is from Egypt and is currently writing her doctoral dissertation in Political Theory , UC Berkeley.

From the Aswat Ensemble 2009 Winter Concert.


Tayr al-Wirwar featuring Rana Mroue

Tayr al-Wirwar composed by Rahbani Brothers for Fairuz. Maqam ‘ajamdo, featuring Rana Mroue.
Rana Mroue is from Lebanon and is currently writing her doctoral dissertation in Molecular Biology , UC Berkeley.

Tayr al wirwar
[The Bee Eater (bird)]

Dear Bee Eater, pass by the loved ones, give them my regards and let me know how they fare.
On the hills of the forgotten sun and the yellow Sycamore leaves,
we fly and arise slowly until the world becomes smaller.
In the fig orchards, November calls.
Often in the silence of the moon, I hear your voice calling me,
I fear my parent may awake one night and the secrets sadly wear out.

From the Aswat Ensemble 2009 Winter Concert.


Mohammed Fawzi Medley

Mohammed Fawzi Medley composed by Muhammad Fawzi (1918-1966).
Maqams: Hijaz dokah, Nahawand dokah, Rast Nawa.
Arranged by Sari Dowidar.

From the Aswat Ensemble 2009 Winter Concert.


Ulli a’mallak ayh albi featuring Husain Resan

Ulli a’mallak ayh albi composed by Muhammed Abd el-Wahab (1907-1991).
Maqam Huzam featuring Husain Resan.

Husain Resan – Born in Iraq, Husain Resan is a composer, musician and a singer. He studied ‘oud at age 14 in Bayt al-Fann in Baghdad and joined its music ensemble at age 16. In the US, he studied violin at City College. Husain plays ‘oud, violin, and bass, he sings and is presenting his first composition tonight “Wajhun min al-Madi”.

Ulli A’mallak Ayh albi
(Tell me what my heart did to you)

Tell me what my heart did to you.
My heart that you are ignoring.
Tell me who I should bring to read my thoughts to you,
and who would listen to my words,my passion, and my love.
Where were you hiding all this indifference?
Could you tell me what’s wrong between us?

From the Aswat Ensemble 2009 Winter Concert.


Santour Solo featuring Mohammed Nejad

Mohammad Nejad, a Persian-born master multi-instrumentalist, was born to a musical family in Tehran, Iran. As a young child, Persian classical music was passed down to him from his father. In Tehran he attended a special high school for musicians, later graduating from Fine Arts Academy in 1976, and in 1990 received a Bachelors of Fine Arts Musicianship and Performance from Tehran University, proficient in both the Western and Persian musical systems. While studying toward the completion of his degree, he was blessed with having master teachers of Persian classical music including Ostad Roushanravan, Ostad Sinaki, Ostad Jankook, Ostad Paayvar, Ostad Tavakol, Ostad Tahmasebiyan, Ostad Moosavi, Ostad Khoshdel and Ostad Baharlou.

He performs regularly with the acclaimed Bay area Central Asian dance company Ballet Afsaneh. He collaborates with many other musicians and ensembles. He has performed throughout Asia, Europe, and the United States, including most campuses of the University of California, the Palace of Fine Arts and the Ethnic Dance Festival in San Francisco, and the San Jose Center for the Performing Arts. He teaches privately and through workshops.

Here he established the Nejad World Music Center, to teach youth and adults in the community and bring world artists to the United States for collaboration and performance.

From the Aswat Ensemble 2009 Winter Concert.


Bil-Ladhi Askara featuring Sarah Michael

Bil-Ladhi Askara a muwashshah of an unknown composer on ¾ beat. Maqam Bayati dokah. Arrangement by Sari Dowidar. Taqsim on cello by Sarah Michael.

Bil-Ladhi Askara
The nights concealed the secret of our passion.
Their darkness could have hidden us forever, but for the
sunlight of new days, when our lucky star fell straight down
with a good omen for a brighter day.

The scent and the tan of your lips sipping from goblets, your
dark and beautiful eyelids, and your teeth like pearls made
magic bow and get closer to your beauty.

From the Aswat Ensemble 2009 Winter Concert.


Al Hubb Al- Awwal featuring Rima Ayyash

Al Hubb Al-Awwal composed by Muhammad Abd el-Wahab (1907-1991). Maqam ‘ajamdo. Taqsim on the violin by Rima Ayyash.

From the Aswat Ensemble 2009 Winter Concert.


Adduka Al Mayyas featuring Bashar Kellow

Adduka Al Mayyas Qad Halabi of a Turkish folk song on 4/4 beat. Maqam Hijaz Dokah. Music and choral arrangement by Sari Dowidar, featuring Barney Jones, Taqsim on ‘oud by Bashar Kellow.

From the Aswat Ensemble 2009 Winter Concert.